Monday, August 6, 2012


For Smoother,Acne control, Combat wrinkles and tighten skin

15 Benefits of the Holy Basil (Tulsi)

U can use cucumber face pack to get smooth skin. Mash a cucumber and add one tablespoon of sugar and refrigerate it for 15mints and then apply on your face leave for 10 mints and wash with cold water.

Add 3 tablespoon of dried basil leaves to one cup of boiling water and let it steep for 20 mints. After it cools down apply the mixture to affected area with a cotton ball.  A deeper acne treatment is an oatmeal and onion mask. Boil water and pour over it dry oatmeal. Let it soak for 5 mints. Finally grind an onion in a food processor, making a smooth puree. Add the puree to oat meal while the oatmeal mixture is still warm. If the mask is not thick enough add some honey so that the mask sits comfortably on your face.

Mash a banana until very creamy and apply on the face and leave for 20 mints . Rinse with warm water , then use cold water to close the pores. For skin tightening try a peach mask. Take a ripe peach , an egg white and one tablespoon of full fat yogurt. Peel and pit the peach, and blend together with egg white and yogurt until smooth. Pat gently onto face. Leave for 30 mints and rinse with cool water.

Scrub: For regular scrubing mix powdered almonds with milk or yogurt and refrigerate. Use this to scrub your face.

For black spots grind basil leaves,neem and mints (100 gram each) add some turmeric powder and rose water to make it into a paste and apply it on the spot.

For glowing skin: 1/3 cup of cocoa, three tablespoon of full cream, 1/3 cup ripe papaya, 1/4 cup honey and 3 teaspoon of oatmeal powder. Mix all and apply on your face . After 15 mints wash with warm water .This is best for oily skin.
Pack with rose: Take some rose petals and ground it. Add to it 11/2 teaspoon multani mitti , a pinch of powdered dried orange peels, white of an egg. Paste the ingredients . Steam the face and apply the pack clean the face after 15mints. It will not only cleanse your face and make our skin supple.

1/2 cup of chopped cucumber skinned 1/4cup of plain yogurt, one egg mix all the incredients until smooth and apply mixture to closed eyes for 20 mints. Rinse face with warm water.
All mixture must be made fresh for use. (If don't like egg u can use  gram flour)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For increasing digesting power, who wants to be slim

You have to walk in a big hall or ground early in the morning before not taking anything one should walk like 8  ( cross) you will get slim body , 
It will good for Asthma patient, cold problem, B.P. (you wont get B.P, ) Blood circulation will be good . , and for helping good digestion.

Monday, March 5, 2012

For Hair growth and good Eye sight

Take one medium size apple. Cut it and soak it with two tablespoon of honey. After 15 mints u can take this apple . Its good for Eye sight and Hair growth.   For those who are having loose motion can take the skin of that apple boil with water (one glass of water in to 1/4 glass ) and take that water 

For Children ( 6months to 3years ) who are not going to stools in a day or difficult in going should take previous night  soaked black raisins(take out the seed) water . It will normalise  in  two to three days
5 black raisins with 1/4 glass  of water soaked( in warm water ).previous night.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Body cool and stomach pain

Cool  and Relax
 1.    Those who residing in hot region and those wants to keep your body cool can take one table spoon fenugreek  soak half cup of water throughout night and early morning take empty stomach  with that water.If you are in cold region if your body heated up take 1/2 tablespoon once a day.

2. In general it can be taken whenever you are having stomach pain you can take this seed with buttermilk.It will immediately stops your pain. Its rich in Iron contents

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remedy for Cold and Cough

Take 3 dates (dried) remove the seeds gently, try not to cut too much.  Then insert 3 black peppercorns , with turmeric, into each date. Now boil the dates with two glasses of milk.  Boil until the milk reduces to 1/2 cup.  One dosage is one spoonful of milk with one stuffed date.  You can take 3 dosages in a day . It will get good results.(If you want you can put honey after boiling).