Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For increasing digesting power, who wants to be slim

You have to walk in a big hall or ground early in the morning before not taking anything one should walk like 8  ( cross) you will get slim body , 
It will good for Asthma patient, cold problem, B.P. (you wont get B.P, ) Blood circulation will be good . , and for helping good digestion.

Monday, March 5, 2012

For Hair growth and good Eye sight

Take one medium size apple. Cut it and soak it with two tablespoon of honey. After 15 mints u can take this apple . Its good for Eye sight and Hair growth.   For those who are having loose motion can take the skin of that apple boil with water (one glass of water in to 1/4 glass ) and take that water 

For Children ( 6months to 3years ) who are not going to stools in a day or difficult in going should take previous night  soaked black raisins(take out the seed) water . It will normalise  in  two to three days
5 black raisins with 1/4 glass  of water soaked( in warm water ).previous night.